Danvers MA Computer Network IT Support, Peabody MA Computer IT Support, Beverly MA Computer IT Support
Danvers MA Computer Network IT Support, Peabody MA Computer IT Support, Beverly MA Computer IT Support

What Clients Say About Balsam Business Class Support!




Balsam Technologies... Proving Time and Time Again That They Are Winning The War Against IT Downtime!


“We have a small office with several computers - as well as a remote location where work is sometimes done. The folks at Balsam Technologies have been extremely helpful in getting us up to date with our IT system. When questions / problems come up, we contact them, and they get back to us promptly and work to resolve the problem." - H.K., Director of Labor Union  Organization


“I've worked with many other IT companies other than Balsam and none compare to the service Balsam provides. One of the things I truly appreciate about Steve is his ability to communicate an IT issue in layman's terms. Steve is not just out to make a buck but wants the best solution for his clients. If he makes a recommendation, I trust it because I know he is a man of integrity.” 

- Administrator, HR Organization


“I find Balsam a pleasure to work with. They explain the product or the problem in a way I can understand. They are very reliable. I had some problems on my home computer and they worked with me to fix these problems also. When I have called for work at my office, they work on my problem immediately to keep my business running smoothly. I would highly recommend this company to anybody." - L.W., Controller, Property Management Company


“The guys at Balsam who maintain the integrity and security of our system are great. They work really well with our entire staff and their varying technological expertise. They even answered questions about our clients issues so that we could make their employees more productive. They are a smart, business oriented team that I trust to keep us up and secure.”  “Balsam has helped us bridge the gap between the practical realities of running a business and the technology needed to support us. Unlike many IT firms, they don't expect me to speak 'tech' but rather educate me on the things that are important and shield me from what is not. It is a tough balance and their judgment has proved effective. Perhaps even more important than that when difficulties come up with our system, they are there to help in a reasonable time. I no longer worry as I did about something going wrong with our IT.” 

- L.L., Owner, Human Resources Organization 


“Balsam has been providing all our computing and network requirements since 2006. They have assisted us twice when relocating. Time was of the essence in regard to being able to have our production up and running and our communications available. They always provided timely and high quality work. They are very knowledgeable and efficient and we would highly recommend them.” - M.S., Owner, Printing Company


“Our Balsam tech is an expert in his field but does not intimidate clients by his wealth of knowledge. He is very personable, and communicates clearly and effectively. He is a caring individual who would be an asset to any organization.” - D.W., MIS, Local Town


“Balsam has been a very valuable asset to our engineering firm by taking over our IT needs after we lost our engineer that had designed, programmed and maintained our networks, PCs and phone system. I would highly recommend their services! He has also helped me with computer problems, networking and PC remote connecting on various controls projects.”

- S.D., Lead Engineer, Engineering Firm


"As an administrative assistant to a small consulting company, it is left to me to make sure our computer network is operating smoothly. Balsam Technologies has helped me immensely in bridging the gap between my basic computer knowledge and the world of networking for small businesses. Our Balsam engineer doesn't just fix the problem and move on, he teaches and guides us through the process so that we can be knowledgeable and proactive about computer issues. It's great to be able to focus more on business issues and less on computer troubles! Thanks!" - B.M., Office Administrator,

Medical Equipment Industry


“Balsam Technologies gave our computers and network system stability and better protections. They communicate well, and response to our requests is both prompt and successful in results. I would recommend Balsam Technologies services.” - R.C., Assistant Director, Local Non-Profit Human Services


“BalsamTech has serviced my law firm's IT needs in exemplary fashion. I have had several occasions to request that they respond to "emergency" matters involving my computer needs. They responded on each occasion with patience, efficiency and integrity. They know their trade and are problem solvers. I give them my highest professional and personal recommendation." 

- E.M., Attorney, Local Law Firm