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Danvers MA Computer Network IT Support, Peabody MA Computer IT Support, Beverly MA Computer IT Support

Data Protection – So Your Critical Data Is Backed Up and Secure

Businesses that lack a comprehensive data backup and business disaster recovery plan risk more than just their information – they risk losing their entire business. Balsam Technologies offers complete backup and business disaster recovery options for companies needing to defend vital information against loss due to theft, natural disaster, and unauthorized access.    

In today’s world, technology is a key part of business, from accounting and management to day-to-day communications. Organizations rely on their critical data being safe from various threats and available for their business operations. As the volume of electronically stored company data increases, it's ever more important that organizations have comprehensive data backup and business continuation processes in place. Balsam Technologies can assist you in selecting, implementing, and managing a data backup and business disaster recovery strategy that is right for your business.  

Network, Data and Email Encryption

  • Business Disaster Recovery and Continuation Planning
  • Regular Onsite and Offiste Data Backup Management
  • Wireless Network Security and Encryption
  • Data and Email Security and Encryption Services

Massachussetts data security laws now mandate that personal information transmitted over public networks must be encrypted. As a result, businesses must take extra precautions to ensure network and email transmissions are properly secured to protect against data loss, malicious attacks, hefty legal fines, and related law suits. Call us today and let us help you take the necessary steps to ensure MA data security compliance.  We'll review your existing infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities and help you choose between the various security and encryption methods available.

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