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Video Security and Surveillance Systems

No one thinks that a theft will happen to them. In truth, however, you are more susceptible than you may realize. This is because every 15 seconds a business or home is burglarized and, according to the FBI, these types of crimes have increased in recent years with more than 2.1 million thefts annually and growing in the downturned economy.


The statistics make it clear that no business or home can afford to ignore these threats. Remember, the mere presence of video surveillance cameras can help prevent theft or vandalism for a business or home. Furthermore, it can help obtain the evidence you need if a crime does actually happen. In addition, most of our advanced DVRs are capable of sending your CCTV images to an outside internet ready computer or smart phone.  Call us today for a complimentary needs assessment!

Wireless Security and Burglar Alarm Systems

Wireless systems are highly recommended to anyone who wants to avoid labor-intensive wiring installations without compromising security. We are pleased to offer a vast array of wireless alarm systems. Wireless security systems also offer security for places where a hardwired system is not practical due to obstacles such as brick or concrete walls, or any structures with limitted options for wiring installations. Using the latest technology, wireless systems are completely expandable and offer reliable security for medium-sized office spaces and homes.  Call us today for a complimentary assessment and to learn how Balsam Technologies can help you meet your security needs.  

Environmental Controls – Temperature Alarms and Alerting

Balsam Technologies offers an array of top-quality environmental sensors and alarms to help protect your business or home from damage due to heat, cold, or water/humidity. Having the ability to detect these threats ahead of time means that you may be able to prevent a disaster such as an overheating server room, or frozen pipes bursting and causing a flood in your business or home. We install sensor alarms which immediately alert you of a threat via phone, email, text message, or by sounding an audible alarm.

Even if you are unable to completely avoid a disastrous event, our environmental controls can alert you ahead of time so that you can move furnishings and sensitive equipment to higher ground before they are ruined. In addition to having these devices installed in your place of business, Balsam Technologies also recommends the installation of environmental controls in your home residence as well as vacation properties. Environmental controls should be viewed as crucial components to your overall security system.